Sandy Cove and Centreville

It takes a lot to drag us out of Bear River, but today was gorgeous and warm and sunny and we haven’t paid our respects to the ocean for a while.

So Larry and I packed a lunch and drove down the Digby Neck to see the ocean. We got to Sandy Cove as the tide was turning and going out. I want you to imagine the non-stop sound of waves washing out, rubbing the tiny stones together, exposing a little more beach each time.


There are lots of flotsam and jetsam washing up on this Bay of Fundy shore. Many pieces of synthetic rope in lots of colours. Everything that comes up is plastic – containers, rings, jars, netting, pieces of docks. You can see evidence of people trying to collect the materials on the beach to haul them away. There are huge, long wooden poles that look like hydro poles. Where on earth do they come from?


As usual, we only ran into a few people.

The seagulls swooped and soared and we clambered over the basalt rocks that harbour the tidal pools. We ate lunch and listened to the waves crashing against the rocks.


We stopped by Centreville to check out the excellent on-going church restoration work that our friends Peter and Robbie have worked on.

sandycove8Peter was ingenious about topping the steeple with a handmade tin and copper cap that he was inspired to create. There is still work to be done and you can read about the couple who bought this 1850′s church that had been decommissioned 30 years ago.


I’m pleasantly exhausted from walking the beach at Sandy Cove today and from our adventure.


I know Larry is too, but he is inspired to finish sanding the last piece of floor in this house. You can see the difference in the air quality between yesterday’s and today’s work. On the way home, Larry bought a new sander in Digby with a great vacuum bag on it. 

Yesterday's attempt with a faulty sander.   Tonights sanding with a new sander.

These old houses practically sigh with relief when people show up to restore them to their former glory.

In the meantime, we both wish you a wonderful Easter weekend. Here is a little Easter treat for your ears and your eyes.

One thought on “Sandy Cove and Centreville

  1. I love Fundy too, Flora.

    That entry hallway is beautiful ! Larry is doing a marvellous job. And oh, the work the lads are doing on that church steeple is amazing. I’ll have to hunt it up, the next time I’m down your way … Happy Easter !

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