Easter on Brier Island


Today we decided to once again, go on  a little adventure and drive down to Brier Island. It’s just 1 ½ hours away including 2 short ferry rides. It’s so close, yet so far from our day-to-day lives. It is on the tip of Nova Scotia and where the Atlantic and the Bay of Fundy meet.

The landscape is amazing and I hadn’t been back since my painting week there last September. How interesting it was to see the change in colour on the island – the straw shades of the fields that are now devoid of seed heads.


The ocean was breathtaking too. We watched seals bob in the water and seagulls fly.


We met up with friends there and had a picnic lunch together. The entire trip cost $2.50 in ferry fees plus gas for the car.


We all brought food with us. This way of life enables us all to live frugally, in one of the many beautiful spots in Canada.P1340220

But even the paradise of Brier Island has its imperfections. Here is the devastation brought on by ATV’s on the land at Seal Cove, as well as a recent burnt-out car from a party.P1340166


Larry and I got home and ate our supper around a bonfire outside and noticed the big dipper in a radically different place than it is in the summer time. ;)

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This weekend has been such a lovely gift to ourselves…2 visits to the ocean, lots of blue sky, sun and good friends.



7 thoughts on “Easter on Brier Island

  1. Glad to see fresh views of Brier Island and Centreville. We too made it down to Centreville and Trout Cove docks last Sunday. Re-freshing & prompting.

  2. I love that trip, and haven’t been in a long time, so I must go soon. Now, if only the weather would warm up a bit! Thanks for the pictures to tide me over until I get there.

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