Emmy Leaves for la la land

Today was a day of parting. Our dearest daughter began the drive 5 days south west to work in animation in Los Angeles.
Larry said goodbye to our wonderful girl.

Jesse said goodbye to his dear sister.

Lucky said: “HEY GUYS…what about ME?!?!?!?

And Lucky got his wish…..

And away they went to la la land…………..

One thought on “Emmy Leaves for la la land

  1. It’s so hard to let them go…We moved to NY just as Covid was starting – from Texas…. Our daughter 42 and son 40 – are there and yes of course you’ll still worry. Nova Scotia is a place I’ve always wanted to go to. Hubby hates snow and couldn’t cope with being stuck in a house and no place to go. Me- I’d so welcome the chance to create and not go out into the crazy world… just give me fabric and my pets. Congratulations on your home selling and your new adventures.

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