Three Weeks in July, 2010

This post is about some random happenings in the last three weeks.  Life is so rich here that my challenge is not ‘what to write about’, but rather ‘what to leave out’.

The month started with a fabulous Canada Day that consisted of 17 artists closing down the street and setting up demonstrations of what they do.

Larry made new tree stumps for Canada Day.

Larry bashed metal to the sounds of fiddle music in the background.

It’s been a hot month and I’ve discovered that a house with a stone foundation and a dirt floor basement and new insulation keeps things cool.

Coloured Glass

We’ve been getting ready for studio tour visitors and Larry has hand-lettered signs so that people can find us.

Lettering by hand – old school style.

The flowers are bursting forth. The purples are finished (iris and lupin) and now the hot reds, oranges and yellows are blooming. It’s very exciting.

Red Bergamot.

I’m not sure what these are, but don’t they look gorgeous, as though each one was individually painted.

helenium or painted daisy?

This is the view from the post office where we pick up our mail. You can see the Flight of Fancy store and Lynn’s Bear River Cafe.

The evenings are cooler when the sun drops, but the month has been really hot.

Bear River evening.

I’ve been gardening quite a bit although the heat is overwhelming. Larry sends me to ‘the chair’ to stop and contemplate the garden now and then. It is so important to do this, although it’s so hard to stop sometimes and to take time out.

Watching the garden grow.

We are on the wait-list for a table at the Annapolis Trader’s and Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. However the last 2 weekends we lucked in and had a spot with a wall so that I could hang up my paintings.

“Before” at the Farmer’s Market in Annapolis Royal.

We had to leave the house at 6:30 am to be ontime! It was a lot of fun and we bought some wonderful organic, local vegetables.

“After” at the Farmer’s Market in Annapolis Royal.

It was a surprise to me how many people recognized my paintings and/or me because of the blog and/or facebook. It was fun to meet them.

Flora at the Market.

As for culture, our own Bare Canvas Gallery sponsored a book reading last week. The book, Annabel,  was intriguing and the illustrator’s talk about his art in the book Viola Desmond Won’t be Budged was illuminating. The House of Anansi Press, from Toronto, brought writer Kathleen Winter and illustrator Richard Rudnicki to Bear River.

Author Kathleen Winter learns about book illustration.

Last weekend Cherry Carnival was celebrated, a big hoopla here that has been going on for 114 years.

This meant a new deck had to be built on the back of the Bear River Cafe.

Deck on stilts.

But a deck on a tidal river means that there is more wood under it than on top of it.

Low Tide.

This has got to be the prima public spot for river viewing in the village.

High Tide.

We had some wonderful visitors this month, including new blog friend, Carol Wiebe, and her husband Ted from Silverspring Studio.  Carol writes about our visit on her blog. It was fabulous to meet a person who I’ve only known through the blogosphere and whose artwork and writing I have so thoroughly enjoyed. We had a wonderful time talking ‘shop’ about painting, blogging, wordpress and writing.


It’s been wonderful to watch flowers bloom that I planted last year. Most of them ‘took’ and I have confidence that the flower beds are really established now.

These photos were taken in the rain – the black flies were still active and gardening in the rain means no heat and no bugs!

Bean plants and Tomato plants in the rain.

The weeds are still winning, but the vegetables are performing well and we’ve been eating peas, broccoli and today – beans! (Check out the rubber boots!)

The first broccoli head and sugar snap peas.

A few days ago I pulled the garlic that I’d planted last October and now I have bunches hanging to dry. I’ll save half of the bulbs and plant the cloves in the fall for next year’s harvest.

Harvested garlic.

There is a cluster of sunflowers that planted themselves from last year’s seeds.

Sunflower – They always face the rising sun.

On Cherry Carnival Day, we missed the morning parade because we were in Annapolis at the Market, but the afternoon music was wonderful. Here Love Storm performs on the new deck at the Bear River Cafe.

Love Storm performs.

The fireworks that night were, well, explosive!! This was the view from the cafe deck.


And this is a painting that found a new home at the Annapolis Market. It’s my own version of fireworks!

Cosmic Tulips.

After the fireworks, Isaac and Blewitt played at the Rebekah until the wee hours of the morning.

Isaac and Blewitt perform at the Rebekah.

And then the other day, after the Market in Bear River, many of the vendors and friends headed to one of the Bear River water sources at Fred’s Hole. This natural pool has a brook flowing into it and out of it and the current was strong. We swam over to the large granite rock at the back of this photo in the middle. From there we took turns pushing off into the current on the left and riding it to where you see the group in the foreground.

Larry and friends swimming at Fred’s Hole.

I have left out a lot, I know. But like the weeds in my gardens, it all got away on me!

10 thoughts on “Three Weeks in July, 2010

  1. I love that you blog with all of the amazing photos that you do. We live up in Clementsvale and are currently looking to purchasing the majority of our needs from local producers… as a amtter of fact we were driving back from annapolis today and stopped at a “stand” that held some cucumbers (.50 a piece) and yellow beans $3.00 a copntainer… a cleaned out marg container held the money…

    We rencently moved here from Amherst and still feel like we are getting settled…

    can we buy tomatoes from you?

    we wont be at the farmers market this Sat because we will be in truro for the Blues Festival….


    1. Hi Deb. Thanks for stopping by the blog! There probably will be vendors at the Bear River Sunday Farmer’s Market selling tomatoes ….. when they turn red. I only grow enough for us to freeze, although who knows, if I get a lot, there may be some for sale along with my cards and paintings at the BR market!

  2. A real joyful read Flora, thanks for posting your diary of July. It looks like a wonderful place that Bear River! I love the painting of the flowervase a la fireworks, it’s delightful. Thanks for the links too. HOpe your good weather continues for your summer. Your harvest looks yummy!

    1. Thanks Sally! The flower painting has gone to a good home. It’s so wonderful to paint them, but as you know, it’s great when someone says ‘ah haaa!! I MUST have that painting!’ It keeps me in supplies and that is a good thing!

  3. Dear Flora:

    Your garden looks astonishing.
    You certainly have a green thumb.
    All the plants look so lush and healthy.
    Keep up the good work.
    Remember to stop and just
    gaze at the garden from time to time.

    Regards, Helen.

    1. Good idea Helen about the stopping and gazing!! The August rain has been so great for the garden. A green thumb means lots of sun, lots of rain and lots of manure. I think this soil, though rocky, is rich because it lay fallow for many, many years. It is ever changing and always a surprise!

  4. Hi Flora,

    I’m looking at all your amazing goings on with my tongue hanging out. Fabulous photographs and your paintings are gorgeous! Fred’s Hole looks too good to be true, I have an instant desire to jump in and splash around were I within 50 feet or thereabouts – tantalizing to a swimmer like myself during this hot, muggy summer.
    v cool!!!

    1. Marcia, I can’t believe I haven’t been back to Fred’s Hole since that day. It is soooo refreshing too because it’s constantly receiving new water. Yet it is shallow enough not to get too cold.

  5. Oh Flora, what a wonderful update ! Love the pics of Bear River and the cafe on stilts. I just MUST get to Bear River. I’ll add it to my list. Your paintings are quite marvellous.

    Keep sharing your aventures. Can’t wait for the next installement.


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