Painting a Fairy Tale

Often my latest painting is my favorite and this couldn’t be more true than with this painting. I adore these lilies that look like downward pointing tiger lilies, but they actually are called Turks Cap lilies. I may not be able to sell this one as I am very attached to it. I think it has a softness and a ‘fairy tale’ feel to it that reminds me of some of Jean O’Neill’s illustrations in a Fairy Tale book that my father used to read to me when I was a child.

Dance of the Lilies
acrylic painting by Flora Doehler
16″ x 16″

Everything around us and from our past influences our work and our creativity. I certainly was not thinking about fairy tales when I painted this!
Please hop over to my art blog and see the painting tutorial piece to find out how I created this soft effect.

Illustration by Jean O’Neill in Fairy Tales by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, c.1947.
Illustration by Jean O’Neill in Fairy Tales by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, c.1947.

5 thoughts on “Painting a Fairy Tale

  1. This most definitely is a new direction of expression for you and I love how those lilies indeed dance! What a gem.

    1. Thank you Helen! This painting required an ever-so-light-touch from the brush. I am also influenced by the music I listen to and I think htis was inspired too by Steve Roach – New Life Dreaming I found it easier to sink deep into the painting process while listening to this music that is slow and electronic.

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