Snow, Music and Art – Feb 14-16

This weekend will be an exciting one in Bear River. It’s our Winter Carnival – entirely organized by volunteers with no funding for an organizer. I mention this for the benefit of readers from communities, cities who have money for staff for public events. Bear River doesn’t. So, everything here happens because a couple of friends get an idea and talk others into participating. Sue Comeau is the driving force behind the event.


The carnival started out seven years ago as a cross-country ski trip (over 7 lakes), a bit of snowman building and a hand-made skating rink behind the Legion. It’s morphed into a cultural extravaganza that includes a 5 k run, a dance, a concert with Acres and Acres, and a whole lot of Art.

There is a group art show called “Fairy Tales and Fables”, and I am still working on my entry…

Untitles and Unfinished 24" x 30"
Untitled and Unfinished
24″ x 30″

… so is Larry working on his

Also Untitled and Unfinished and Really, Really Big.
Also Untitled and Unfinished and Really, Really Big.

That show will be at the Oakdene and all the artists’ studios will be open all weekend.

And did I mention that I’m having a show too? Well, I am.

Art - Hearts and Flowers
I have 20 years of watercolours that I need to release to new homes. It’s been quite a crazy week sorting through them all. It’s kind of like going through old photos because I have stories and memories associated with most of them. That’s what happens when you paint from life.

And the crazy part is that there are hardly any flowers. That’s because ‘nature’ for me used to be a woodland we owned on a tiny lake in Ontario. Larry and I and our kids camped there for many summers and I painted that scene and it’s variations many times over.

So, if you’re in the area, please come to a concert and a few art shows and come for a ski too.

I’ll be at the Rebekah Gallery downstairs along with the fabulous improvising poem/art duo of Skafte and Shishkov. We’ll be there the whole time (because in Bear River there’s no paid gallery staff either 😉 ) We’ll have Sissiboo Coffee and my homebaked goodies on Sat and Sun afternoon for you.

Here is a video of some of the work I’ll be hanging:

You can read more about it on my art website.