Tempting the Pond Spirits

It was a glorious day today. The temperature climbed to 15 celsius and a lot more of the snow melted.

The birds are outside all day singing their hearts out.

Larry and I made ourselves mugs of Sissiboo Coffee and went for a stroll around the yard and over to the pond. I’m impatient with how slow the thick sheet of ice is and I started poking at it….first with my foot….which made my boot wet.


Then I threw a big rock at it, but it wouldn’t pierce the ice.


Then I whacked it with a stick, but the stick broke.


Larry suggested that the pond was sending me a message to back off and that just maybe I should give it up.

But I felt very determined and stubborn and intrigued with the idea of pushing that huge sheet of ice. So I did. With my broken stick.

But with my final shove, I slipped forward, and skidded on the wet bank, fell forward and was suddenly soaked up to my waist in chilly pond water. It happened so quickly that the cold water wasn’t even shocking. Larry and I laughed and I agreed with him that the pond was more stubborn than I was.


So today I learned that I shouldn’t tempt the pond spirits; especially without a wet suit.

Just a few days ago, I filmed this scene of a flock of robins around the pond. You can see how much has melted in that short time. You can hear them and the mourning doves in the background.