New Artwork – July 5 – 23, 2014

Spring and Summer are the busiest times of the year for us. The garden needs lots of start-up help with tilling and planting and replanting and weeding.

But it feels like small potatoes compared to my creative surge that is instigated by the outdoors. Add to that the requests for paintings from the shops that carry my paintings and Larry’s enamel work.

Thumbelina  ©Flora Doehler, 2014.  mixed media on cradle board  16" x 16"  $450
©Flora Doehler, 2014.
mixed media on cradle board
16″ x 16″

It can feel like an impossible juggling act and this week is no exception. We all know what that’s like and the cure is to just continue putting one foot in front of the other and proceed. And that’s what I’m doing this week as I put the final touches on my collaged paintings for my upcoming show in Annapolis Royal that opens this coming Saturday.


The theme is Fairy tales and I’ve been immersed in them – reading them again, listening to them online, falling asleep with my heroine young women in my head (Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood, Thumbelina).

Please drop by to see them. Here is a link to all the work as well as my insights about the stories I chose.

And then next week, it’s back to painting my favorite fairy tale…my garden.

P1410555 P1410539 P1410534




2 thoughts on “New Artwork – July 5 – 23, 2014

  1. Thanks Sybil!
    Don’t be jealous. There is a flip side you know. Gardening is a form of insanity. It always seems like a great idea in the winter, but it is so much work and half of what I plant gets eaten by ferocious squash bugs and cabbage butterflies and earwigs etc etc not to mention the weeds etc. I love the eating part, for sure….but if there was a Bear River organic grower up the road selling stuff, I’d be sorely tempted. 😉 Having said that, even I am jealous of me when I see these photos. haha.

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