Brier Island Trails

Most long weekends in August we camp on Brier Island with Bear River friends.

It’s very low key…shared food, mostly vegetarian, cooked over the campfire or propane stove, sleeping in tents, nature walks, and lots of talks and laughter and bird watching and telling stories and sharing ideas and catching up.

One of my favorite delights is to fall asleep listening to the ocean waves. Or is it waking up to the haunting calls of seals?

Come with me down the green path…..



Along the bumpy ridge…..


Past the living tidal pools……


Along the craggy shoreline…….P1420180

Past the basalt lava flow that reaches all the way to Blomidon.P1420177


Past the rising tide…….P1420120Past the ocean waves……


Follow your nose……


Past the wild and fragrant Roses…..


We might be under shelter…


…or checking out the new, lone teepee…


..or riding bikes….


…or searching…


…or watching the sun set…


…or at the campfire…


…or walking through fields of wildflowers


…or imagining a new painting….


…or waiting for a ferry to go home.



4 thoughts on “Brier Island Trails

  1. I love Brier Island too and regret that I didn’t get back there this summer. It is such a pretty, centering kind of place….hard not to be where earth and sky and ocean meet.

  2. OK your wonderful photos have convinced me. Next time I go to Brier Island I’m camping. I love Brier Island and all that wonderful Basalt and the Seals and the Birds and the ocean and … and … and…

  3. I love Brier Island! I was so sorry to miss the weekend this year. Your pictures really took me back there! Thanks!

  4. Oh, what a lovely vicarious weekend you have given me! It makes me eager to go camping myself, and I will be right after Paint the Town. I am hoping to camp on B.I. Labour Day weekend, to get away from the noise of visiting Wharf Rats. If not there, somewhere else quiet.

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