Drawing and Painting Zinnias in the Victorian Garden in Annapolis

I love the Victorian Garden in the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens with the sunny, happy flowers such as the zinnias. This garden  Shangri-La  doesn’t know that the rest of us have experienced killing frost in our beds.

red zinnia

I can’t resist setting up my paints near the salvias and zinnias during Paint the Town in August. At first glance, zinnias look so uncomplicated, but the photos I took yesterday show a tiny garden of lily-looking florets sprouting out of the middle of the flower.


Each bloom is a universe of colour.

I was travelling light today and brought just a sketchbook and a fat marker. I had no chair or support for my sketchbook and stood while drawing. It was a bit awkward, but gave me a good vantage point for eye-level flowers.

Zinnia drawing © Flora Doehler, 2014
Zinnia drawing © Flora Doehler, 2014

Later, at home, I added watercolour to my drawings.

Painting or drawing a flower helps me to get to know its uniqueness better. I learn more about the shape, the veins in the leaves, the petal details, the way the flower leans.

Zinnia © Flora Doehler, 2014
Zinnia © Flora Doehler, 2014

I enjoy capturing the movement and the joy of these outrageously colourful and happy flowers. I painted these Zinnias a month ago during Paint the Town. All were auctioned and are blooming on walls somewhere.

gardens zinnia1
Zinnia paintings © Flora Doehler, 2014


3 thoughts on “Drawing and Painting Zinnias in the Victorian Garden in Annapolis

    1. Yes, I’m going to try more Zinnias next year too!. You know at the Historic Gardens I saw a grouping of Nicotiana…they grow 6 feet tall with a spread of a couple of feet. The seeds are as small as a grain of sea salt…it seems hard to believe that such a huge plant could emerge from that seed. Anyway, they have trumpet-looking flowers that are very fragrant in the evening. I think I need to remember to set aside space to grow my own clump next year. Thank goodness there is always next year. 😉

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