The Secret Garden and the Willow Trees

There is a very special place that I go to when I need to be in nature, or when I need a quiet moment. Behind the vegetable garden we have about 1/2 an acre that we let grow wild and that contains our pond.


This piece of land has a few intentional plants like lilies, iris and about 7 willow trees. But the rest of it is a chaotic riot of tangled wild flowers (weeds really) that grow about 4 feet high.pond09 pond08

We have a couple of paths cut through it and walking them is like being a child again in my grandmother’s garden. Hidden from view and right in the middle of the natural world. Frogs croak, seagulls and crows soar above. Bees buzz all over the flowers.



The pond itself has 8 large goldfish that wintered over. Animals wander through and drink from the pond. There are dragonflies, butterflies, birds and a host of insects.  It’s a nice place to decompress and to marvel at the complex beauty of the natural world.


pond12I planted the willows 4 years ago and they are already taller than me. In a few more years there will be a willow grove at the end of the pond providing magic for us and no doubt for the next caretakers of this land.


6 thoughts on “The Secret Garden and the Willow Trees

    1. Sybil, I know they say be careful about what you wish for………but I do hope we have more. I think and hope the local birds, raccoons and frogs will help to manage the population.

  1. Truly your slice of Heaven. Very beautiful. My kind of place. Love your cat. What a Wonderful place for your cat to have also.

    1. Hi June!
      That kitty was an interloper who wandered through one day…and it is pretty, but was being very cautious. Our own kitty enjoys the outdoors here, but honestly I think her favorite place is by the woodstove in winter.
      This is our Fluffy.
      Fluffy watches.

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