Reasons for Moving to Rural Nova Scotia

Even after Larry and I made “the big decision” to quit our ‘good’ jobs and leave the vibrant city of Toronto to move to this tiny village of 800 we both had mixed feelings about what was coming. These feelings swung from elation to stomach-churning anxiety. Usually, we didn’t have them at the same time, so we could give each other support.

The Fairy Small Agenda – on show at ArtsPlace, Annapolis Royal.

The fear stemmed from wondering about how well our reasons for moving would stand up after the ‘honeymoon’ was over.

Moving to Bear River could mean:

1. The chance to garden and to live closer to nature

2. The opportunity to pursue our art lives full-time.

3. Involvement in an arts community

Now that we’ve been here for 4 ½ years, I can say that those three broad areas have fulfilled us in ways we couldn’t have anticipated back when those words were just a list on a piece of paper.

Every year I expand this flower bed a little bit more to fit in more blooms.
Larry cutting copper for the next round of enamel.

I’ll be back to tell you more about it.

Right now I have to do some stretching before I continue with weeding one of the 6 flower beds I’ve created. Then I’ll be baking some cookies to take to the $12 music event tonight.  Larry is creating tickets for the fundraising Mardi Gras event coming up on May 4. Tomorrow we’ll be attending 2 art shows openings that I have pieces in. We were so busy with all of this that we missed walking with friends on a sand bar at low tide that connects us to Bear Island.

The Depths – acrylic – 12″ x 24″ – by Flora Doehler. Part of the DisComfort Show at ArtsPlace, Annapolis Royal.

It’s like we imagined this life years ago and now we are in it.

New enamel pieces are in the works.

What I didn’t anticipate is the welcome we would receive. people were friendly, included us in gatherings, dropped in to see how we were adjusting, invited us into their homes.

3 thoughts on “Reasons for Moving to Rural Nova Scotia

  1. Laurie Anne, what you say resonates big time…the visual and sensual beauty of the nature that surrounds me in Bear River soothes my soul. But beauty looks different to all and some people might look at a vegetable garden and see work or dirt or nasty insects rather than a myriad of greens and blues or a complete miraculous ecosystem. Living in the country isn’t practical for everyone, nor does it suit everyone. That is actually what I’d like to get across in these blog articles because I’ve watched people come here and want to leave within a year. I think that means that this is NOT what their soul was searching for…or it wasn’t practical because of employment, proximity to friends and family left behind. I also think that living in the city has a richness and stimulation that is energizing for some people.
    Without giving it all away 😉 I’m beginning to think that introverts fit into the countryside and extroverts are happier in a city. I know you wouldn’t think I was an introvert, but I think I am……reat food for thought!

  2. I can summarize it for ya: (Only because we also left Toronto and went bush! We too have created a similar dreamy life here in Australia.)
    Getting quiet and focused on simple lifestyle priorities, letting go of the rest.
    Giving oneself permission to surrender to and be deeply nourished by whatever invites beauty into your life.
    Sharing all that beauty is not the goal… it’s a by-product.
    It’s not that it is not for everyone… It’s a timing thing! It was your time… it was our time… it will soon be time for someone else, maybe someone reading your blog Flora!

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