2 thoughts on “apr5 – 1

  1. Oh Flora……I have been following along some of your journey and paintings for a while.
    I find when I am in a certain mood, somewhat alone within myself, I gravitate to things that bring me calmness and peace. You and your art is one of those things.
    I was born and raised in Bear River and spent thirty five of my sixty years there or in the vicinity.
    I miss my friends, family, the ocean and familiarity of years gone by.
    I wish you had been there when I was…I feel I learn so much from you and not just art.
    Do you hold paint classes or seminars?

    Wendy Morgan-Jamieson

    1. Thank you Wendy for your kind words. I don’t wonder that you miss being here. I’ve heard that a lot from people who’ve had to move away. I hope we can meet someday. I’d love to hear about your younger days here.

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