Moving Day…..maybe.

Eight years ago this week, we moved into our lovely house. Today Larry and a friend are on scaffolding and ladders with electric sanders prepping the outside of the house for its long-overdue paint job. House jobs are really never finished.
We love the sense of history of our 150ish year old house and are glad to caretake it so that it lasts for another century or two.
This is an eight year old blog about moving in.
July 13, 2009
I’ve been wondering lately what life would be like for visitors without hot water. After my last frantic post, we got an amazing email from the couple whose river house we stayed in during our first 6 months in Bear River. They offered to let us stay in their wonderful house on the river while our company is here! As much as I had hoped that our house would be ready, the thought of moving back to our original Bear River home seemed kind of fitting and too tempting an offer to turn down!

Under the willow tree life is easy.

I mentioned before that sanding floors was the hardest job that Larry faced with our house, but maybe I spoke too soon. Actually, the award for ‘trickiest job’ might go to ‘installing a kitchen’. Those of you who do this for a living are smiling right now because you know that it takes lots of higher math and algebra skills, combined with carpentry and various substrates knowledge. Also, the plumber and the electrician have to coordinate their parts in the drama so that  the kitchen winds up combining a great deal of technological know-how. It is not only the heart of the home, but also the brain. One of the snags we hit was a counter that doesn’t quite pass that higher-math test and is cut at a different equation than the cupboards on which it sits.
Fitting the counter.

Larry and Peter have had to squeeze into awkward positions putting together the kitchen.

Also, we can’t actually put anything into the cupboards because in our zeal to cut costs and to give the kitchen our special touch, we ordered it with just raw wood. We need to coat it with a coloured stain that we’ll be mixing up one of these days, but we’ve been too busy!
So in other words, the kitchen isn’t ready yet.


I love how the bathroom is shaping up….especially the shadows on the wall, but it still needs a door.

My father's rocking chair is 60 years old.
My father’s rocking chair is 60 years old.

A chair in the living room helps me to imagine that we are almost there!

Chaos at both ends.
Chaos at both ends.

I’d forgotten that when you move, there is chaos at the place you are leaving and chaos at the place you are landing and that it takes time to unpack and to find places for everything.

The mess in the hallway
The wood planer creates sawdust and shapes the wood around the door frames.

In terms of moving today, our friends Don and George made several trips with Larry back and forth to the house with boxes and furniture and paintings and dishes. We have a couple of carloads here still and tomorrow we’ll take one to the house, and one to our river retreat for a nice, welcome break from the higher math stuff!Waiting for the marshmallows.We are ready for an evening of reading the coals. It gets chilly in the evening so we may be able to have a little fire one of these evenings.

Tree shadows

Meanwhile, our seats await us under the patient willow tree who whispers “almost there”.