We’re Having a Heatwave

The end of July in Bear River is going out on a heatwave. I’m thinking that a 24 hour snowstorm would feel good right about now. I love that summertime brings, well, summer, but I find the heat tiring….it’s hard to sleep and hard to be outside.

There is literally only one bloom on this rose bush…the rose slugs are slowing things down.

We’ve had enough rain at least, to keep everything growing well.

That perfect moment when all is still lush and green.

My summers here are fixated on painting, gardening, live music in the village and taking my turn at our community Art Gallery – Bear River Artworks Gallery.

The beginning of July was so chilly, we were still lighting a fire in the evenings….today was 29 celsius.

It’s pretty sweet actually. I appreciate every day, even the hot ones, because I am surrounded by beauty.

This sweet rose was growing in the field long before we moved here. She is never attacked by anything.
These beautiful lilies mark the final resting spot of my kitty Fluffy. Cats like to nap under lilies on hot days because the leaves are so soft and cool.
I’ve been having a hard time trying to paint this scene. Today I painted over my effort and will start again tomorrow. Sometimes paintings are like that.

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